How it Works

Designing a custom suit will be one of the most memorable shopping experiences you’ve ever had.

From fabric selection, to a discussion on personal style, to the taking of measurements — a custom Fitting is fun, informative, and relaxed.

The first step, of course, is to schedule a fitting with our Personal Clothiers.


Prior to Your Fitting

Once you’ve scheduled a fitting appointment, you should begin thinking about the style and fit you’re hoping to achieve with your custom suit.

You might build a lookbook or Pinterest board to collect style examples. Read fashion articles. Try on some of your current clothes and think about how they fit, and your overall comfort level while wearing them.


On the Day of Your Fitting

Come in to the shop and share a drink and a conversation about style with your Personal Clothier. We’ll guide you through fabrics, linings, buttons, and a number of cut patterns as we design your world-class suit and shirts.

The fitting process is done through a combination of having you try on samples, taking measurements over your clothes, and soliciting feedback on exactly how you like your clothing to fit.

At the end of the fitting we will take payment, and we will start production.


Made to Measure

The production process starts with your measurements. Using computer-aided drafting, and laser-routing machines, we cut your preferred fabric to a set of highly-accurate patterns.

Using exactly the right combination of machine and hand stitching, and the best components available, we construct your suit.

Finishing touches, such as the monogram and buttonhole, are added before the suit undergoes a stringent final quality check process.



Once your suit and shirts have been produced, we will invite you back to the shop to evaluate the fit.

You will try on the garments and our Fit Specialist will note and pin any areas that might need alterations.

Alterations are included with every suit, on the house, to ensure a flawless fit.



You are now the owner of a stylish, high-quality, and perfectly unique suit.

In total, the process can take 4 to 6 weeks from First Fitting to completion, so please plan accordingly.

It is our goal to provide the best shopping experience you’ve ever had, and the best suit you’ve ever owned.

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Measurements on File for Life

As you continue to build-out your wardrobe, we will keep your honed measurements on file, and will recalculate them whenever alterations prove necessary.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment with your Personal Clothier at any time, to design your next ensemble.

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