Made for you, and you alone

Styled, Fit, and Finished in Downtown Salt Lake City.

A bit of fabric, a length of thread, and a dash of raw personality. The perfect suit needs you, just as much as it needs anything else.

What is Custom?

A better suit, a better fit,

and a better experience

Tailor made craftsmanship is our passion.

Every component is carefully selected and expertly assembled, resulting in the finest suit you’ll ever own — a timeless statement of your personal style.

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From keynotes to weddings

Fit matters

Life’s formal occasions are worth the extra dose of style. A custom suit or tuxedo means thoughtfulness, and contemplation, and a clarity of thought that you just can’t get from a rental.

Whatever the occasion, we’ll stitch-together something special.

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333 Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


(801) 656-6525


Tues - Wed: 11AM - 8PM
Thurs - Sat: 9AM - 6PM
Closed on Sunday & Monday

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