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A bit of fabric, a length of thread, and a dash of raw personality. The perfect suit needs you, just as much as it needs anything else.

What is Custom?

A better suit, a better fit,

and a better experience

Tailor made craftsmanship is our passion.

Every component is carefully selected and expertly assembled, resulting in the finest suit you’ll ever own — a timeless statement of your personal style.

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From keynotes to weddings

Fit matters

Life’s formal occasions are worth the extra dose of style. A custom suit or tuxedo means thoughtfulness, and contemplation, and a clarity of thought that you just can’t get from a rental.

Whatever the occasion, we’ll stitch-together something special.

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Collection $595 – $895

Our Core Collection consists of fine 100% Merino wool fabrics in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. In a department store, the same suits might cost upwards of $2500. You’ll find your traditional solids and plaids, tweeds and linens. If this is your first custom suit, we might suggest a navy, charcoal or medium gray from the Core Collection.

Collection $1,195 – $1,995

The Classic Collection signifies a marked uptick in quality of thread, durability, and dye sophistication. The result is a unique and refined suit. Many traditional patterns and colors can be found in this collection, but it also features some bold and daring offshoots that you won’t see often at all, on other individuals.

Collection Per Fabric

The Heritage Collection features the finest fabrics in the world, including many from such prestigious mills as Zegna and Dormeuil. The hand and durability, the warp and weft, the richness and consistency of color and thread diameter. Heritage is meant to last more than a lifetime. This is heriloom suiting.


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"Every aspect of working with Tailor Cooperative was professional and delightful."
Shad B
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"This company is awesome in so many ways. I would give them a 10/10!"
Tina B
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"I am so mad for waiting for so long."
Matthew M

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