Selvedge & Raw

Custom, made-to-measure denim from Tailor Cooperative

Denim is a worthy obsession. And we are determined to make the best denim in the world.

We use raw, natural indigo, and selvedge denim from Japanese looms. We custom tailor each piece to your exact measurements and style preferences.

We make denim for you, and you alone. It’s one-of-a-kind, and deeply personal.

As any good obsession should be.

Unique. Raw.

Raw denim means the fabric hasn’t been washed or “broken-in.” It is woven on the loom, dyed, sewn, finished, and sold stiff.

When one buys raw denim jeans, the breaking-in process makes every pair unique. Every wrinkle, every faded line, every pattern of wear is one of a kind, specific to that individual.

Denimheads take great pride in the breaking-in of raw denim. It is without a doubt a large part of the charm of wearing fine, custom denim … and most of the denim we sell is sold raw for this very reason.

Small-Batch Selvedge

The word “selvedge” is a derivative of the phrase “self-edged” … and selvedge denim is exactly that: woven for a tighter, more nuanced weave, ending in a full, finished edge.

Selvedge denim is harder and slower to produce (a 31” loom width is the maximum limit for selvedge … nearly half the bolt-width of non-selvedge looms). But for dedicated denim enthusiasts, there is no substitute for it.

Stretch Denim

If raw denim isn’t for you (it does require some love and attention), our custom stretch denim is a phenomenal option.

Available in several shades of indigo and levels of stretch, and completely made-to-measure, there’s practically nothing more comfortable in all the world.

Custom is What We Do

Whether raw, natural selvedge is your cup of tea, or whether you’d prefer something pre-distressed or made from stretch denim, it will be completely customized for you.

Choose the grommets, choose the thread, choose the color. And once all of that has been dreamed-up, we will take your measurements to have your denim tailor made, just for you.

Schedule your fitting today.

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