Custom Suits

Made to Measure, For You Alone

Our custom suits are tailored to your exact measurements, using fabrics and components chosen by you, with the help of your Personal Clothier.

The result is a high-quality, and highly personal addition to your wardrobe.

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Masculine Cut Suits

Using traditional squared angles and straight lines, men’s, or masculine cut, custom suits have a classic silhouette and drape.

While many of our patterns share these traditional aesthetics, there are countless variations on the masculine-cut suit, including modern, slim fit, Italian-cut, English-cut, and more … all of which can be further customized with taper, length, and stance.

Whatever your style preference, we look forward to creating a suit that matches it perfectly.

Men’s Suits

Feminine Cut Suits

Typically featuring pronounced tapering, women’s, or feminine cut, custom suits often have shorter sleeve and jacket lengths, darts, and curved seaming at the midriff. These result in a more fitted look, and fashion-forward style.

Whether you’re looking for a skirt suit, pant suit, power suit, or casual suit, we are excited to help you design one that fits your fashion sensibilities.

Women’s Suits

Androgynous Suits

Designed without any preconceptions of cut or silhouette, androgynous custom suits can be a mix of slim, baggy, squared, round, or anything in between.

Your custom suit should reflect who you are and how you want to be seen. It should be comfortable both in fit, and in peace of mind.

Come in to the shop and let’s talk about your unique style.

The Process

Big and Tall

Any Size, Any Fit

Custom suits accommodate all body types, regardless of shape and size. Big, tall, short, stocky, petite, long-limbed, or asymmetrical.

Fit is the most important aspect of any quality suit, and it is our commitment that yours will fit flawlessly.

The Process

Custom Styling

Foundational navys and grays. Avante garde colors and patterns.

When you arrive for your first fitting, you will be greeted by thousands of choice fabrics … and a Personal Clothier who will guide you through the ones that best match your style vision.

From plaids, to nailhead and birdseye, to bold solids and scratched-linen, we know you’ll find something you love.

The Process


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