Welcome to the Shop

Salt Lake City’s Finest Custom Clothier

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through the doors of Tailor Cooperative is that we don’t have any suits or shirts or coats waiting on hangers.

We have needles and thread. We have tables and mirrors. We have sewing machines, and a library of the world’s finest fabrics. This is a blank canvas. This is custom.

The Conversation

Sit back and relax

When you arrive, you’ll be invited to join us at the Fitting Table. We will share a beverage, and a conversation.

We’ll talk about how you want to look. How you want to feel. And what personal style means to you.

We’ll discuss the history of the suit, the English and Italian cuts, the slim and modern lines, the traditional silhouettes … and the avant garde.

As the conversation progresses, your custom clothing begins to take form. Just an idea at first, and then something tangible.

The Fabric Library

With Over 15,000 Fabrics

When it comes to wool and cotton, to linen and silk, we are aficionados.

We know every pattern, every weave, every process … and we’re excited to share our extensive Fabric Library with you.

We’ll look through swatches from the finest mills in the world, and from our many thousands of options, we’ll help you pick exactly the right one for you, for your event, for your comport.

We’ll pair it with the perfect buttons, the perfect thread, and the perfect lining.

Now, all we need to make your custom clothing … is you.


It takes more than a tape measure to achieve the perfect fit

Once your suit has been designed, we will evaluate posture, preference, length and pitch. We’ll have you try on a few samples and we will adjust your personal pattern in myriad, crucial ways.

And with your pattern defined, your initial fitting is complete. We’ll take payment, and bid you farewell while we begin to assemble your clothing.

Pattern-Making and Sewing

The Tailoring Process Begins

Over the next 4-6 weeks, we will cut your patterns with laser-precision, and assemble each piece by hand.

Once finished, we will invite you to return to the shop to try everything on. We’ll check every line and hem to ensure a flawless drape … and if anything needs to be adjusted, we will happily undertake comprehensive alterations on the house.

The finished product is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.