Tailored Wedding Suits

Why pay for a rental that won’t fit? Invest in yourself and feel confident walking down the aisle in a suit that’s designed to make you look impeccable.

Custom wedding suits and tuxedos are made to your 30+ body measurements, with dozens of fit preferences available. Whether it’s a formal, luxurious getaway or a wedding with a tight budget, we have options to help you look your best on your wedding.

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Groomsmen Packages


Groomsmen suits and wedding packages are available to affordably dress all of your groomsmen. Custom suits, blazers, slacks, vests, and dress shirts all available.

Discuss style options with your Personal Clothier.

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Monogram Your Wedding Date on the Suit Pocket

Monograms come standard on all wedding suits. Embroider the names of you and your partner, the date of your wedding, or anything else to personalize… and memorialize your perfect day.

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We Make it Easy


Tell us the date, start early enough, and we’ll take it from there. We track your wedding date, send you order notifications during the 4-6 week wait period, and help you stay on track without any stress.

And when it comes to looking great, we’ve got you covered there too. Hundreds of fabrics and colors, tuxedos and custom suits, and a perfect fit guarantee that ensures your wedding day looks exactly like you always envisioned it to.

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