We’ve reinvented the custom suit fitting. 

Virtual Fittings, by Tailor Cooperative

Virtual Fittings combines the best of our in-person luxury shopping experience with the convenience of attending video fittings from wherever you are in the world. 

Meet your Personal Clothier through multiple video fittings, while we guide you through a process that honors our commitment to craftsmanship, century-old traditions, and exacting fit standards. 

For busy executives, clients remote and abroad, or anyone interested in experiencing the quality of product and experience we provide at TC, we think you’ll find Virtual Fittings to be the best way to buy a custom suit in the modern world.

Virtual Fittings:
A Four-Step Process

Schedule & Receive Our Welcome Kit

Discuss Style & Design With A Clothier

Take Measurements & Suit Customization

Custom Suit Arrives & Ensure a Perfect Fit

About Tailor Cooperative

Before establishing Tailor Cooperative in 2016, our founders harbored a deep passion for the tailoring business. In England, they were first introduced to the art of fully-canvassed jackets. In Shanghai, they were inspired by the digitization of pattern making. In Italy, it was the Milanese buttonhole, hand sewn into fabrics woven by century-old looms. In Vietnam, they walked the open air textile markets. And on Savile Row, where suiting is most revered, it was the heritage and commitment to tradition that left a lasting impression.

1. Schedule & Receive Our Welcome Kit

Request a fitting and we’ll immediately mail out your Welcome Kit which contains everything we’ll need for a productive first fitting.  Our job is to keep things simple: you will never be asked to measure alone, and we’re here to guide you during the process.  

2. Discuss Style & Design With A Personal Clothier

Your first fitting is fun, educational, and informal. We’ll get to know you, your  goals and your style preferences. From there, we’ll guide you through our fabric library of 15,000+ cloth options. 

3. Take Measurements & Suit Customization

In your next fitting, you’ll have your Welcome Kit and your Personal Clothier will guide you through taking a chest and waist measurement so we can mail your try-on garment to you.  

4. Custom Suit Arrives & Ensure a Perfect Fit

4-6 weeks later, receive your custom clothing that was handcrafted just for you. We take our final fitting one step further during our final appointment to make sure you have an exact match. Any final adjustments will be mailed back to us for alterations for a  perfect fit .