Purchase a Gift Card, Fund a Mask

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Safety remains our top priority, so we plan to comply with the latest recommendation to keep our shop closed through April 30. With that in mind, we could sure use your help. And so could the community at large.

For every Gift Card purchase, your support will be paid forward.

Each Gift Card includes a donation of face masks, in your name, sent to local restaurants providing food for the front line healthcare workers, and in some cases, fighting for their lives to keep the lights on.

Not Sure What Amount?

We recommend the $25 or $50 Gift Card for an accessory or simple pre-payment toward a future order. $250 or $500 Gift Card for a few custom shirts, or the $750 or $1,000 Gift Card for a core collection custom suit. Go for a $2,500+ Gift Card for multiple items, or if you plan to come in multiple times over the years.

Visit our pricing page or our suits page to learn more.

Our masks are citizen masks, non medical-grade masks, recommended by the CDC to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. If you are interested in learning more about our masks, please visit our Cloth and Canvas Mask, or Disposable Mask page.


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$25 Gift Card – 3 masks donated, $50 Gift Card – 5 masks donated, $100 Gift Card – 10 masks donated, $250 Gift Card – 25 masks donated, $500 Gift Card – 50 masks donated, $750 Gift Card – 75 masks donated, $1,000 Gift Card – 100 masks donated, $2,500 Gift Card – 250 masks donated, $5,000 Gift Card – 500 masks donated, $7,500 Gift Card – 750 masks donated

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