Wear it with Pride

Suit Scholarships

Twice a year, we give a fine custom suit to a deserving individual who supports, promotes allyship with, volunteers for, or is some way involved with the Utah LGBTQ+ community.

It's our way of giving back, and recognizing the diversity, love, and intersectionality that makes Utah such a great place to call home.

Use the form below to nominate someone for consideration, and Tailor Cooperative will select one individual on September 1, and another on March 1, every year.

Official Rules:

Annual Nomination Deadlines: August 15 and February 15:

Nominees submitted before these dates will be eligible for consideration in that half of the year. Nominees submitted after these dates will be eligible for the next round.

The Selection Process:

The Tailor Cooperative team will review each submission and make a selection based on factors such as community involvement, need, and overall positive impact on the community. PLEASE BE THOROUGH in telling us why your nominee deserves to win!

We might also reach to YOU for clarifications and to learn more about your nominee, so don't forget your email address.


Nominees are not required to be a Salt Lake City area resident. However, the selected recipient must be available to attend a Fitting Appointment in our Salt Lake City shop, as well as a follow-up adjustment fitting 4-6 weeks later.


Employees of Tailor Cooperative and their relatives are not eligible for the Suit Scholarship.

Custom suit fabrics must be chosen from our Core Collection.

We will notify the individual who submitted the winning nomination, upon selection. If there is no response to this nomination within 14 days, Tailor Cooperative may select another individual.

Submit YOUR OWN CONTACT INFO Below, and a Paragraph about Your Nominee

Contact Tailor Cooperative with Questions:

[email protected]