How it Works

Let us tell you about the process

Making custom clothing can be complicated … but the guiding principles are simple:

  • No one’s body conforms to “standard sizing”
  • Comfort is important …
  • But so is silhouette, and so is drape
  • And it’s important to match the suit to the setting … where you’ll be when you wear it

To craft the perfect custom suit, we need your help. Here’s what to expect, and how you can prepare for your fitting.

Stories, Ideas, Examples

It all starts with a conversation.

We want to know how YOU want to look. We want to know if you have a special occasion in mind, like a wedding or a banquet. Or if you simply need a good suit for business travel. Or if you’re treating yourself to something a bit more fun.

Bring ideas. A Pinterest board, your favorite Instagram feed, pages torn from Elle or GQ. Bring us pictures of what you like. Of what you want. Pictures of how you want to feel when you’re wearing your custom clothing.


Securing a perfect fit

Once we understand how you wish to look and feel, we compare that against existing patterns. And we take a few measurements.

But don’t worry … the measurements are taken fully-clothed.

What should you wear? Something comfortable, not too thick, not too loose. Jeans and a t-shirt are easy for us to work with. Cable-knit sweaters make things difficult.

But also: bring an old suit jacket if you have one. One you’ve worn more than a few times. One that’s familiar and maybe you’ve never quite liked the way it fit. It’s not necessary, by any means, but it can be very helpful in making a new pattern for you that will fit much better.

Timing, Seating, and Logistics

All of this takes about 90 minutes. But please plan on 2 hours, just in case. Arrive a little bit early so that you can find a parking space and enjoy the sites of Pierpont Avenue.

Your fitting is essentially a one-on-one appointment between you and the Tailor Cooperative Personal Clothier … but yes, you can bring a friend. By all means! There are several seats at the fitting table and it can be helpful (and fun) to have a second opinion at-the-ready.


Commissioning your custom clothing

To begin crafting your custom clothing, we’ll need at least 60% of the total, at the end of your fitting.

The remainder can be paid when the items are finished.

We also have Gift Card options and can arrange payment plans if necessary. Just let us know in advance and we’ll gladly work with you.