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The Problem

Finding the right suit is difficult

Big-box retailers just can’t seem to offer the right fit. Suit salespeople are pushy. And it seems you always compromise on fit, style, or quality.
When it comes to quality, most suits are mass-manufactured and cut to a templated pattern that fits seemingly no one. Even suits that cost a fortune can leave much to be desired: polyester fabrics, plastic buttons, heavy shoulder pads, no canvassing…

The Process

A Better Suit

Our suits start with the client. Fit preferences, fabric options, 500+ suit customizations, 30+ body measurements. We are a true made-to-measure custom suit shop.

We source the industry’s the best fabrics and suit components to ensure your garment lasts a lifetime: 100% Merino wool fabrics, European shoulder pads, German interfacing and canvassing, bull horn buttons, and pick stitching.

The Process


Core Collection Suits
$595 – $895

Our Core Collection consists of fine 100% Merino wool fabrics in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. In a department store, the same suits might cost upwards of $2500. You’ll find your traditional solids and plaids, tweeds and linens. If this is your first custom suit, we might suggest a navy, charcoal or medium gray from the Core Collection.

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Classic Collection Suits
$1,195 – $1,995

The Classic Collection signifies a marked uptick in quality of thread, durability, and dye sophistication. The result is a unique and refined suit. Many traditional patterns and colors can be found in this collection, but it also features some bold and daring offshoots that you won’t see often at all, on other individuals.

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Heritage Collection Suits
Priced per Fabric

The Heritage Collection features the finest fabrics in the world, including many from such prestigious mills as Zegna and Dormeuil. The hand and durability, the warp and weft, the richness and consistency of color and thread diameter. Heritage is meant to last more than a lifetime. This is heriloom suiting.

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