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Your Big Day Approaches

In a short while, you and your spouse-to-be will be celebrating the momentous occasion with friends and family, with toasts and songs, with dancing and a few quiet moments alone in a place more beautiful than it has any right to be.

The time between now and then will drag on, and the day itself will flash past more quickly than you can imagine.

But every part of that day will stay with you for a long time to come. And it’s important to do it right.

The last thing you want to do is look anything less than perfect. Every other detail of the wedding will be meticulous, and tailor-made for the two of you. This is reason enough to avoid the slouchy, ill-fitting rental tuxedos that at one time were a wedding mainstay.

The fact that rental tuxedos have fallen out of style is no secret.

Here are seven good reasons for it:

1: Your grandkids will see your wedding pictures.

A suit that’s made for you naturally looks better. Custom suits accentuate your good features… and they hide the bad. A well-cut suit broadens your shoulders, lengthens you out, and just makes you look as good as you feel.

A rental tuxedo, on the other hand, is made to fit hundreds of body types and it’s going to fit awkwardly. It will be clear it’s not your own suit.

This is not the area to scrimp. You’ll look back on pictures from your wedding day for years, you’ll show your kids these pictures, and they’re probably going to appear on Instagram much sooner than that, for all the world to see. You’ll want to wear something that shows well, in those hundreds of photos.

2: A rental tuxedo has been worn before, by countless others.

Your wedding day is about you and the love of your life. Everything about it should be personal and commemorative.

The last thing you want to wear on your wedding day is a rental that’s been worn, sweat in, and has already stood at the alter dozens of times before you.

Not to mention, the ill-fitting nature of a tuxedo that was made to dress more than just your build.

3: Tuxedos are for white-tie and black-tie events.

This is where we must actually sing the praises of the tuxedo. When it comes to formal attire, tuxedos are the pinacle. They are a staple of white-tie and black tie events, and for good reason.

If your wedding happens to be highly formal in style, perhaps a tuxedo is the right fit for it.

But most weddings in this era are not so formal as to require a tuxedo. And even if yours will be, we still highly recommend investing in a custom, fitted, and personal tuxedo rather than a rental. After all, truly formal occasions are the last place you would want to skimp.

4: A custom suit can be personalized with wedding colors, your wedding date monogrammed, and more.

Few things commemorate the occasion better than having the wedding date, or a few of the vows, or your and your spouse-to-be’s names embroidered inside the jacket.

Custom suits can also be personalized to your wedding colors. Pick the perfect fabric to accentuate your bride’s dress, have the interior lining match the wedding decor, and customize each detail to make sure it’s as perfect as your wedding day should be.

5: You want to feel great. Confidence is key.

A custom suit is more than just the appearance.

It’s how you feel when you put it on, knowing you look your absolute best.

This is the breed of heightened confidence you’ll want most as you walk down the aisle, read your vows, and say your I do’s.

6: It will end up costing about the same.

Your average rental tuxedo these days will cost about $90 per day.

Factor in pictures and two days for the wedding, and you’re already at $270 for a garment you’ll be returning and never see again.

Add to that the cost of buying a lesser suit in the future, as you will need one sooner or later.

All of this adds up to more than the cost of a quality custom suit that would last for many, many years to come …

7: It’s practical. You can wear the suit for the rest of your life.

In another blog post, we talk about how a well-made suit can be passed down to your children if you care for it properly.

This means investing in a wedding suit is also investing in a lifelong wardrobe.

Start married life off on the right foot, and suit up.

If you’d like to learn more about Tailor Cooperative and the process to having a custom suit made for you for your wedding day, schedule a complimentary fitting with our team.

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  • Derek Dewitt says:

    My cousin has a wedding coming up and I have been thinking about getting some custom formal wear for the occasion. I like how you mention how a custom suit is more than just the appearance, but how you feel! In my opinion, the clothes can only get you so far, so it’s important you feel comfortable and confident for the event. I’ll keep this in mind when making a decision. Thanks for the help!

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