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Every year, we source hundreds of new shirt and suiting fabrics from mills across the world, so that we can offer the most unique, fashionable, and high-quality options possible. The latest swatches are now available in the shop, and 2018 is looking to be a banner year for patterns, prints, and textures both bold and subtle. Here are fifteen of our favorites.

Suiting Fabrics

Medium Gray

This somewhat conservative gray Glen plaid will serve well in any classic suit ensemble, and the clever threads of burgundy bring a requisite panache.


Navy Windowpane

A super 140s wool, this one achieves nice contrast from dual windowpane patterns: light blue, and offset purple.

Perfect Plaid

Traditional light gray and blue with an extra touch of class: it’s a well-balanced blend of 90% wool and 10% cashmere.


Winter Wool

A cozy fabric with a classically great hand, in blue-and-rust Glenurquhart check.


Filarte is known for fine fabrics, and this one is pure grace. A timeless pattern, a timeless color, and a timeless weight.


Flecked Charcoal

Terio has mastered the Italian virtua of sprezzatura. Effortless, almost meaningfully disheveled style. This is Terio’s take on flecked charcoal. While chaotic, it seems to know exactly where the line is drawn.

Brown Plaid

Another Terio, this is both maniacal and subdued. 90% wool, 10% silk.


Burgundy Silk

This burgundy and blue plaid is a blend of 60% wool, 30% linen, and 10% silk (which adds just the right touch of shimmer).


Shirt Fabrics

White and Blue Gingham

With a hint of unexpected texture, this is pattern that pairs well across seasons.


Blue and Violet

Some patterns are not meant to stand in perfect order. The lines and shapes here scatter, and we rather like the rakish effect.

Polka Dots

A simple navy and brown pattern is given new life with a hollowing of the dots. Simple? Yes. And very sophisticated.


An Ode to Denim

With warm textures and bold threads peeking out from beneath, these denim-like fabrics are soft and versatile.


Pure Texture

Some fabrics draw their tones not from dye, but from texture. Take this pure white paisley for example. Quiet elegance.


Purple Plaid

Terio’s shirt fabrics are just as avant-garde as their suiting fabrics. This one places classic plaid in the hands of a soft purple dye, and bolsters everything with thick 157g cotton. Magnificent.

Bold Prints

While we’re at it, let’s not forget Terio’s prints. This swatch book deserves a post of its own. Paisleys, florals, and designs that are, shall we say, impossible to put into words.



And Many More

Of course these are but a few of the many wonderful new fabrics we’ve sourced for 2018. To see more and to select the perfect cloth, color and pattern for your next suit or shirts, we invite you to schedule a fitting with your Tailor Cooperative Personal Clothier. You can do so here:

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