It’s your big day. You’ve made it, and you’ve never been happier. In just a few months, you and your bride-to-be will be celebrating what many call the happiest day of their life. Then after all the celebration, you’ll be jet-setting off to a quiet beach to celebrate and begin your new life as a married man. You’re now a responsible adult,  successfully graduated from boyhood, and the world is your oyster.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

For starters, and let’s be honest here, your wedding is largely about your bride… and not you.  That acknowledged, you still have to show up prepared. Your better half will have spent *months* selecting her wedding dress, getting her hair did, and spending a lot of time and money to make sure she looks, and feels, like a million bucks.


Please, don’t ruin all of your bride’s effort by throwing on an outfit as an afterthought that might not look good on you, that doesn’t match your bride, and probably doesn’t go well with the rest of the wedding decor.

There are 7 reasons rental tuxedos have fallen out of style. Trust us, this is the one day where it’s worth investing in your style. Here’s why:


#1: Your grandkids will see your wedding pictures.


A suit that’s made for you naturally looks better. Custom suits accentuate your good features… and they hide the bad. A well-cut suit broadens your shoulders, lengthens you out, and just makes you look… good.

A rental tuxedo, on the other hand? It’s made to fit over hundreds of body types and it’s going to fit awkwardly and it will be clear it’s not your own suit.

Our thought? This is not the area to scrimp. You’ll look back on pictures from your wedding day for years, you’ll show your kids these pictures, and… they’re probably going up on Instagram too. Don’t scrimp here. Tuxedos just don’t look good on most men.


#2: Don’t wear a rental that 50 other guys wore on their big day.

Photo by Brandon Anderson, Anderson Productions. Flickr:

Your wedding day is about you and your bride. The last thing you want to wear to your wedding is a rental that’s been worn, sweat in, and has already stood over the alter dozens of times before you.

Save the rental tuxedo for events like whatever is happening in the picture above.


#3: Tuxedos are for prom, not your wedding.


In today’s style scene, tuxedos are antiquated. They’re outdated, stiff, and give an air of trying too hard. Our recommendation? Save the rental tuxedo for the high school prom. And please… avoid the silk, bright-colored vest like the plague.


#4: Personalize it. The wedding colors, your wedding date monogrammed, and more.

There’s nothing that memorializes your wedding better than stitching your wedding date into the inside of the jacket. As you wear the jacket for years to come (see #7), it will bring back memories — and win extra points with the fiancé.

Custom suits can also be personalized to your wedding colors. Pick the perfect fabric to accentuate your bride’s dress, have the interior lining match the wedding decor, and customize each detail to make sure it’s as perfect as your wedding day should be.


#5: You want to feel great. Confidence is key.




As we always say, a custom suit is more than just the appearance. It’s how you feel when you put it on, knowing you look your absolute best. This is the feeling you want as you walk down the aisle, read your vows, and walk out the door of your wedding party.


#6: It will end up costing you about the same.



Your average rental tuxedo these days is around $90 per day. Factor in pictures and two days for the wedding, and you’re already at $270. You can do the math: that’s half the price of a custom suit.


#7: It’s practical. You can wear the suit for the rest of your life.



In a recent blog post, we talk about how a well-made suit can be passed down to your children if you care for it properly. This means investing in a wedding suit is also investing in a lifelong wardrobe. Start married life off on the right foot, and suit up.


If you’d like to learn more about Tailor Cooperative and the process to having a custom suit made for you for your wedding day, fill out the form below. One of our trained tailor partners will be in touch to schedule your consultation and fitting.


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